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Frequently Asked Questions

How much pasta should I serve?

Our dry pasta nearly doubles in size when cooked. If serving as the main portion of the meal, we recommend 3-4 dry ounces per person. If serving as a side, we recommend 2 dry ounces oer person. 


Where can I find you in the winter months?

Weather permitting I sell at The City Market on Saturdays during the winter. You can call, text or email me before your visit

Any Gluten-Free Options?
Yes - Several Delicious Flavors

I got a recipe when I purchased some pasta.  Are there more recipes available?

Yes,visit the Pappardelle's website for more cooking ideas click here

How long will the pasta keep?
Kept in a dry, cool place the pasta should last 12-18 months.   Avoid direct sunlight.

Is there a low-carb pasta available?
Yes - it has 40% less carbs and 20% more protein than the regular pastas.

Can I get this in any stores?
We only sell at the Farmers Markets in the area. Purchase online by clicking here



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